Who is Mark Jones?

Dr. Mark Jones is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in San Antonio, TX. His practice, South Texas Liberty Alliance Group was founded in1992 along with Mark Jones Ministries.

Dr. Mark Jones was moved to begin Mark Jones Ministries after overcoming a challenging childhood. At four years old, his father left him, his mother and older brother at a bus stop in Houston, TX. HIs mother had no experience, except to play a a church organ. A pastor had compassion on the family of three and gave his mother a part-time job at the church, play8ing the organ. He also transformed the church shed into a one bedroom apartment where Dr. Mark Jones and his mother and brother lived for years, surviving on oatmeal (a nickel at the time) and faith in God.

At the time, Dr. Jones and his brother Dub Jones (who is now a counselor in Dr. Jones' practice) would ride the bus from Houston to San Antonio, by themselves, to visit their father. As they arrived in San Antonio, Dr. Jones would search for the familiar face of his father surrounded by a crowd of strangers. Panic attacks were a normal occurrence in his life as doubt and fear would engulf him.

In Houston, Dr. Jones' mother would put him and his brother on stage to sing to the congregation. Even though Dr. Jones suffered from panic and fear, and bein g on stage made him face these horrific feelings, singing gave them both purpose. They were for forced to conquer these feeling ad build value and self esteem.

The family of three eventually moved to San Antonio to be close to their father and his new family. It was there, in middle school, that the boys had to encounter the challenges of being bullied.

Through these situations, and many more, Dr. Jones, spent many years developing himself by Resolving his past, Restoring his health and Retraining his mind.

He is now a successful business man, an inventor with patents, a father of four and a proud grandfather. He sings on the Global Evangelist Television Network for Cornerstone Church and sings the National Anthem for the opening of San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. He was the lead therapist on A&E show HEAVY and does much more!

He contributes his success to God and not allowing fear and past hurts/wounds to rule his life.