TRINITY PROGRAM was conceived and developed by Dr. Mark Jones, LMFT for the purpose of RESOLVING the Past, RESTORING Health, and RETRAINING the Mind. Dr. Mark Jones, LMFT

"I recognized an inner need in people's lives to go to a deeper place of healing that one-on-one therapy alone, could not provide. It was out of this understanding that I divinely conceived the Trinity Program. The testimonies of attendees are evidence of the program's profound impact on their lives and confirmation that it's designed purpose is being accomplished. "
- Dr. Mark Jones, LMFT

Trinity Program is a two and a half day, faith based intensive, outpatient program. It consists of 3 phases:  


Resolve means "to lose". This is accomplished through identification and strategic confession of your deepest hurts and wounds in your life.  It exposes and releases inner fears and shame which have been given power to suppress your God-Given potential. In turn, you will experience a cleansing and inner healing which creates separation between you and your negative past, and frees you from your old bondage.  The interaction with other attendees will also give you deeper revelation and understanding about your own distractions, desires, beliefs and perceptions.  The end result is inner freedom, healing and restoration.


swing with shadow
freedom restore health


Training means: to exercise, to discipline, to teach and form by practice.  When you retrain, you are forming a new disciplined and pre-designed way to identify and remove old, unprofitable patterns with new ones.  Thoughts produce corresponding beliefs, behaviors and emotions.  Change and improvement is not complete until you remove and replace unhealthy thoughts and patterns.  Even if you successfully remove the old patterns, you will eventually default back to them unless you replace them with new productive ones, by design. Think of it - you can re-design new patterns that will produce desired results in any given area of your life.


Restore means, "to return that which has been lost."  Hurts, traumas, and wounds always rob you of something good while also wounding your self-worth and self-image.  Consequently, your ability to love and trust is also negatively affected.  You will learn how to rebuild your self-value, self-image, and to love (God, self and others) in a healthy way. coming ojut.png